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At Covox, we design and build bespoke analysers to provide an accurate measurement of respiratory function.

We are passionate about Covox equipment and will provide the exact analyser to meet your specific requirements. We have a proven track record with those wishing to provide evidence based measurements in aerobic capacity analysis including lung function.

Individual fitness experts, occupational health departments, the emergency services, teaching and academic professions to mention some of our clients. Covox’s industrial quality components are encased within a very durable protective shell, it is compact and robust making it a very comparable and affordable market leader.

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What we do

We enjoy what we do, and over the years we’ve worked with many clients. Each client is unique, but they all have one thing in common – the wish to be able to provide scientifically accredited aerobic measurements – without breaking the budget.

Our multifunctional gas analyser includes the ability to analyse the contents of Douglas bags, report all the usual aerobic measurements associated with cardiovascular exercise studies in both health and sport, can be used as a Lung Function Spiro-meter – all in a single rugged portable enclosure.

These Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Technical Q & A

Below we have listed some of the most popular questions given to us at Covox. If there isn’t an answer here please use the form below to contact us and we will get back to you with an answer shortly.

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  • Question: Why does COVOX use a pneumotach rather than a turbine to measure pulmonary ventilation?

  • Answer: In a word – reliability. Turbines are mechanical devices, pneumotachs are effectively solid state – no moving parts to wear out or go wrong!

  • Question: Moisture can affect pneumotachs. How do you overcome the pneumotach from being contaminated with moist breath?

  • Answer: Simple, we measure pulmonary ventilation on inspiration. The pneumotach only comes into contact with room air.

  • Question: How does the pneumotach deal with temperature change?

  • Answer: Temperature change results in a change in air viscosity, which can affect pneumotachs. COVOX software however allows you to calibrate the pneumotach in less than a minute.

  • Question: Is it possible to check the accuracy of the pneumotach measurement?

  • Answer: Yes. Volume can be checked using a calibration syringe. In addition system software contains a routine that allows you to measure actual flow rate throughout the range.

  • Question: Why does COVOX use a mixing chamber rather than breath by breath analysis?

  • Answer: Mixing chambers provide significantly better repeatability.

  • Question: How is moisture prevented from building up in the mixing chamber?

  • Answer: The mixing chamber is constructed of thin but strong thermoplastic material. During a test the chamber walls quickly assume the temperature of the expired air, thereby preventing condensation.

  • Question: What is meant by integrated analyser?

  • Answer: All instrumentation, including embedded PC is contained within a strong but portable enclosure, which provides excellent protection.

  • Question: How durable are the breathing tubes?

  • Answer: The breathing tubes are made from ultra light falconia tubing, used in the aircraft industry. These tubes are virtually indestructible in normal use.

  • Question: The response from traditional mixing chambers is usually much slower than breath by breath analysis, therefore is COVOX suitable for VO2max testing?

  • Answer: Yes it is! The COVOX mixing chamber has a very small mixing volume, but at the same time avoids end tidal volume bias. This results is a quick response time. Furthermore the mixing chamber is sampled after each breath, and if used in predictive mode, constantly updates minute values as the test progresses.

Purchase, lease or rent a COVOX analyzer

COVOX analyzers are designed to your measuring requirements, your bespoke system can be upgraded at any time in the future and can be either bought outright, leased or rented over a fixed contract. Contact the team for further information.

Complete system available from £5995 with Total Care Support at £79 per month (includes servicing, unlimited telephone support, maintenance and repairs, software and hardware upgrades, all labour costs). Outright purchase excluding total care is also available from £7995. Prices correct 1st January 2016 and exclude vat.

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Testimonials & User Reviews

We are fully dedicated to our user base. Here are some testimonials and reviews of Covox

In the period of approximately two years since installation, COVOX has provided excellence in reliability in measurements and ease of operation. This gas analysis system has been used in approximately 7,000 exercise test analyses. It has successfully formed part of the integrated approach to teaching, research and consultancy.
Ian Swaine, DEMontford University
I thought you would be interested in the present position with regard to the practical use of the COVOX Microlab in respect to non-research work within the Constabulary. All officers eligible for promotion are required to undergo a fitness assessment in order to achieve the desired level of cardiovascular performance before taking up a new post. May I take this opportunity, yet again to thank you for suppling such a suitable medium for such a demanding schedule of assessments
David Clarke, Force Physical Education Officer, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
I would like to thank you on behalf of West Mercia Constabulary and the NSPCC Marathon Team for the personable and professional way you conducted yourself, and the quality of the information you delivered to the group. We were all very impress by the technology (COVOX Analyser). It has given us food for thought for the future. I am sure it will go a long way to ensuring that we achieve the right result in the marathon.
David W Thursfield, Deputy Chief Constable, West Mercia Constabulary
I have found the COVOX to be robust, reliable and user-friendly and I can strongly recommend it for use in student laboratory work
Dr Neil Armstrong, Reader in Exercise Science, Director, P.E.A. Research Centre, University of Exeter
I have been using the COVOX Gas Analysis System since 1988 in Leisure Centres in Teignmouth and Torbay. It provides an accurate measurement of oxygen consumption, which is reliable and repeatable. I have been very satisfied with the apparatus and with the results that it provides.
Dr P.R. Travers, M.B.,B.S., D.Phys. Med

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